Why Teams Get Away With Public Financing Deals

Back in April, in response to this story about the Carson City Council approving a new $1.7 billion football stadium without a public vote and with no indication of who would pay for the stadium (any guesses?), I wrote the following on Facebook:

Municipal stadium deals suck, actually all sports deals suck, ban sports

And I stand by it. Public funding of stadiums is one of the most egregious sports-related abuses there are, especially if you consider the truly outlandish publicly-funded construction done for the Olympics and the World Cup: stadiums built for one event and then left to molder; facilities built with slave labor. (Which will be the more absurd and corrupt event of 2022: the World Cup, to be held in a country where summer temperatures reach 120° Fahrenheit, or the Winter Olympics, to be held in a city with no snow?) And one of the most maddening things about the public-financing scam is that it relies on one of the best parts of sports to operate: our quasi-civic pride in our sports teams.

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