spiel (n.): a long, extravagant speech. From the German spiel, “play”

I’m a PhD in English (UC Irvine, 2010) and a sports fan (San Francisco Giants, mainly), and I want to write about sports in the analytical way I was trained to write about everything. I won’t be doing much in the way of statistical analysis, not because I don’t believe in it—I do—but because I don’t have much of a head for it and there are people out there doing it better. Instead, I want to look at sports from a humanistic angle, considering the sorts of discussions and controversies that, in my view, tend to be discussed broadly but not deeply. I hope that by considering angles that tend to be overlooked, I can help enhance these discussions, which are such a big part of what so many of us enjoy about following sports.

I’ll focus mainly on baseball because that’s where I have the most knowledge, but I’ll address any and all sporting topics that I feel I can contribute to. Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoy!

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