Second Post at BP Wrigleyville: Tommy La Stella and Sugar

I’m pleased to be able to link to my second piece at Wrigleyville: a post looking at the Cubs player Tommy La Stella—who is trying to decide whether to continue in baseball following a demotion to the minor leagues—through the lens of the independent baseball movie Sugar, about a Dominican pitching prospect struggling to make it in American pro baseball. Admittedly this is a pretty esoteric premise for a blog post—you have to either be familiar with both La Stella and the film or willing to learn—but I’m proud of it and I hope you’ll check it out! If you want background on La Stella, the Grant Brisbee piece I mention in my post is a great starter, and Ken Schultz’s Wrigleyville piece anticipates mine very well. The movie unfortunately isn’t available for digital rental, but if you like sports movies I recommend it—I personally didn’t like the film, but it’s worth seeing simply because it’s so different from other movies in the genre.

I also have some work planned for here as well—a piece on Tim Lincecum’s fading career, and a piece (finally) on the Olympics—so watch this space for those.


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